1st SEM-Talk – Interview with medical student Jürgen Alphonsus about hospital hygiene


Our first SEM-Talk just went online. Take a look on our youtube-video that shows an interview with the Viennese medical student Jürgen Alphonsus. He is speaking, among others, about his first experiences in hospitals regarding hygiene: “In hospitals when I worked in the field of surgery where hygiene is of utmost importance, I was mostly positively surprised. The majority of surgeons pays a big attention to safety rules. However sometimes I was astonished by the carelessness of a few single surgeons, but I would not say that they consist the majority.”
Observations of students and young doctors help a lot to learn more about behaviours and procedures  in hospitals. The fresh view from outside should be more integrated in considerations regarding hospital hygiene.
We will continue with our SEM-Talks not least in regards to our 3rd Conference in March, 2019. The Semmelweis Foundation will periodically present  interesting videos relating to the topics of hospital hygiene and infection prevention.
By the way – SEM-Talk is an abbreviation for SEMMELWEIS Talk but the letters SEM also represent important qualities needed to combat healthcare associated infections:  Safety, Empowerment, Motivation.
In this sense – let us be inspired by Semmelweis and motivated and empowered by all initiatives and healthcare workers for whom patient safety is a matter of great importance.


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