German consulting centre for hygiene (BZH)


Dr. Ernst Tabori (director) about topics and challenges for the German consulting centre for
hygiene (BZH):

What is a big challenge for the BZH at the moment?

I believe that we need permanent and sustainable ways to strengthen the consciousness on infection control and prevention. Our priority is to reach a broad compliance. We want to ensure the quality and high standards of hygiene at the bedside in every hospital. The best tool to achieve this goal is the communication with the clinical staff. I am convinced that we will achieve more comprehension for infection control measures with training and explaining the process that stands behind an infection. Not accusations but good education and higher staffing are the best ways to reduce the risk of infections due to hygiene deficiencies. 

Which target does the BZH persue for 2020? (with regard to AMR/HAI figures, ABS etc.)

There is a big gap between demand and supply of professionals for infection control. It is a challenging task; on one hand we have growing requirements, on the other hand a lack of consultants in hospital hygiene and infection control. Therefore we must increase attractiveness of hygiene and infection control. We will strengthen our activities on the education of specialists in hygiene and the training of personnel. Our objective for the next few years is to enable all medical facilities to receive a hygienic advice and support by qualified personnel according to their need.


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