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Nancy Caralla survived two clostridium difficile infections and founded the C Diff Foundation in 2012. The former nurse and director of the C Diff Foundation offered us insights into her efforts to force awareness around the world.

Mrs. Caralla, what has induced you to found the C Diff Foundation in 2012?

Outside of my two separate C. diff. illnesses, and losing my father to C. diff. involvement in 2004, it was realizing that clinicians and communities alike needed and would greatly benefit from extended education and increased advocacy for this infection worldwide. C difficile infection kills about 14.000 people a year.

What are the successes/results of the 4th International Conference/Health Expo In September 2016?

Each year the conferences increase awareness among clinicians, and medical students who attended. The Health Expo was outstanding as it was another educational component to raise awareness of the latest products addressing HAI’s worldwide.

As (radio)-journalist I am positively surprised that you have implemented a “C.diff. Radio”! Is it only focused on people infected by cd, or is there also information for health care workers? And which advantages does it have in contrast to written information?

Yes – the “C.diff. Radio!  It was introduced in 2015 and we are now reaching 4 million global listeners.  Which brings me to inviting you to one of our episodes in February 2017.  It would be a pleasure to learn more about the Semmelweis Foundation and the work that your organization is accomplishing. It would be our pleasure to have you and your colleagues join us. It is a live broadcast on Tuesday’s at 1pm Eastern Time and it is 43 minutes of talk time. Perfect opportunity to share updates, events scheduled, and introducing your organization to our listeners.

Which is the target group?

Since the program is named, “C. diff. Spores and More” Global Broadcasting Network, we are not boxed in to only discussing “Clostridium difficile.” It is for all listeners, the clinicians, the patients and their families, and mostly educational content.  Each episode becomes a podcast which is easily accessed from our living library.

You are nurse and in permanent touch with the patient. Which significance has hand hygiene for you?

Due to the extensive, prolonged treatments that took place with the C. diff. infections, the ability to continue working in the Nursing profession has been dropped down to a minimum.  The safest patient assistance for my health is “telephone triage” which I volunteer for the C Diff Foundation on a daily basis with two other triage nurses. We host a nationwide hotline which delivers us between 20-50 incoming calls each day from clinicians, patients, and their families.

On November, 11th there will be the Global C. difficile Congress. What do you expect from this event?

The Global C. difficile Congress will be eight sessions presented by topic experts  – in four hours – in one day –  with goals to change the C. difficile world with a common focus; To improve C. diff. infection prevention, treatments, and environmental safety in the healthcare communities worldwide. Please feel free to share the registration information and join us on November 11th.  It is a free webinar and open to those sharing a common interest in the topics being discussed.


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