With every exhibition we learn a lot about the needs of customers all over the world


Saraya Co., Ltd. participates in the most important medical and healthcare related exhibitions worldwide. About his impressions related to Medica 2016, we interviewed the president of the company – Mr. Yusuke Saraya.

Mr.Saraya, Saraya Co., Ltd. has joined the world’s largest medical and healthcare related exhibition in the world. The company presented its new high level disinfectants as well as the best in Saraya hand hygiene and dispensers. How the customers were responding to your products? 

Medica 2016 was very international with a lot of visitors at our stand from outside Europe. The overall response to our products was very positive. The high quality of our disinfectants and dispensers in combination with the nice and modern design of our touchless dispensers for hand disinfection attracted a lot of visitors. We were very happy to meet a lot of our customers from all over the world and we hope that the visitors will use touchless dispensers in the future to improve hand hygiene!

Which impulses and new input you got from customers? Can they be helpful in the development of new products?

With every exhibition – especially during Medica – we learn a lot about the needs of customers all over the world. For future product development this information is of course very valuable, since it helps us to find solutions for the needs of our customers which know exactly what their markets require.

Medica2016 took place in the Antibiotic Awareness Week. Was this – may be – a reason for particular high attention on your high level disinfectants and hand hygiene dispensers? 

Honestly, we did not find concrete evidence for a relation between the Antibiotic Awareness Week and the attention for our products, but we believe that initiatives like the Antibiotic Awareness Week, do influence behavior and interest of people and that they do create an additional awareness.


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