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For the first time the Critical Incident Reporting System “CIRS” is also offered in the area of Hygiene. We interviewed Dr. Sebastian Schulz-Stübner from the German consulting centre for hygiene (BZH).  

Dr. Schulz-Stübner,  the BZH recently implemented a Hygiene-CIRS (Critical Incident Reporting System), in which all hospitals can participate. In this form it is unique, you say…

Yes, in the field of anaesthesiology and aviation CIRS is successfully used since many years. Now, for the first time this reporting system is also offered in the area of Hygiene (Hygiene-CIRS). Since October 2016 the Hygiene-CIRS-Portal – implemented by our institute, the BZH Freiburg – provides a protected zone, where hygiene specialists can communicate critical events anonymously.

What exactly is a critical event?

The critical moment is defined by the reporting person. However, the issue is not thereport and registration of outbreaks, but – for example – of critical behaviour, problems with medical devices, difficult practices in patient care or compliance problems with actual damage or potential danger of patients, relatives or staff. The idea is to identify systemically relevant problems and consequences.  The report is made anonymously, so that no conclusions can be drawn to the person or institution concerned.

The system is already running two months. What is your first impression? What are the most frequent reports? And how many institutions made use of the hygiene reporting system?

Right now about 30 institutions have requested the login data and expressed their interest in participation. Because of the short time the system is in place we only have two reports so far, so it is too early to make any assumptions about frequency and patterns of problems.

What are the preconditions to participate?

The system is open to all hygiene experts (physicians, hygiene specialists etc.) – the login data can be obtained under

Will there be a scientific evaluation, accessible also for the interested public?

A scientific evaluation of the anonymous reports as well as the publication of the summarising reports in the specialised media is planned.

What’s about the interest of other countries in Hygiene CIRS?

Right now the system works in German, so it is limited to the German speaking countries or German speakers in other countries. Of course also hospitals from Austria can participate in BZH-CIRS.




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