See you all again in March 2019 in Vienna!


President of the Semmelweis Foundation
Dr. Bernhard Küenburg

The second CEE Semmelweis conference on hospital hygiene and infection prevention took place just a few weeks ago in Budapest on March 7th and 8th.
Thanks to about 300 registered visitors, 30 lecturers and panelists, our company sponsors and a great organizational team, the conference really turned into a very nice success.
But why can we say it was successful? Just because of the nice numbers? This is definitely just one part of success.
The second and much more important aspect of success was the feedback of many, who mentioned that this time they have clearly recognized a “community building” during the conference. People meeting again, chatting, discussing experience and results, problems and solutions. Amongst all, this is our strongest weapon to improve the overall situation in hospital hygiene: community building. Rumanians, people from Ukraine, Russia, Ex-Yugoslavia, Hungary, Poland, the Baltic and many other countries meeting, discussing, enjoying.
Let‘ s build on this. Let‘ s meet again. Let‘ s work together. Let‘ s improve. Let‘ s help our patients!
The third and equally important aspect definitely was the quality of the lectures, including new science, managerial aspects, behavioral science impact, basic technologies, motivation and many, many other aspects. A lot of highlights in just two days. Thanks to all the great lecturers and panelists, I truly enjoyed the lectures as did so many participants!
And last but not least we had very interesting presentations of the poster session. Our jury had a hard time to select the winners. Prof. Pittet, who was impressed by the quality and practicality of the work spontaneously invited all three winners to present the world conference ICPIC in Geneva, a great honor for our winners. Congratulations!! This is a great achievement and helps the CEE region to raise the voice on an international conference.
On an organizational level, I am glad to announce that all available presentations can be found and downloaded from our web page. Also lots of photos and videos demonstrate the nice atmosphere and remind of a fantastic event. Please visit our web page.
Finally, this success gives us a great motivation for the organization of the third Semmelweis conference, which will take part Mid of March 2019 in Vienna. More information will follow soon.

See you all again in March 2019 in Vienna!



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