Our aim is to enable faster treatments to more patients, while minimising opportunities for superbugs to spread!

The IMB Centre for Superbug solutions at the University of Queensland, Australia, is one of the most important institutions dealing with drugs and diagnostics for superbugs. We spoke with the director of the Centre, Professor Matt Cooper. Mr. Cooper, some weeks ago I read an article in “theguardian” with the title “Resistance isn’t futile – […]

First International Patient Safety Day: “We want to create awareness for preventable risks”

“It´s high time for an International Patient Safety Day”, thought the relevant institutions of the three countries Austria, Switzerland and Germany – and initiated one. The purpose is to signalize that patient safety takes a key role in medical care. We spoke with one of the initiators, Dr. Brititte Ettl, President of the Platform for […]

MRSA: “Celebrating live” for famous musician Ingrid Sertso

The famous jazz singer Ingrid Sertso survived MRSA-Infection. Her story shows us, that the possibility to get infected in hospitals is extremely high. On September 28 there will be a concert in New York to celebrate her comeback and to be able to cover a part of the expenses that were arising in connection with […]

Austrian Health Minister Sabine Oberhauser: Our goal is to reduce sustainably the emergence and spread of antibiotic resistance!

In May the German Minister Hermann Gröhe presented the new Antimicrobial Resistance Strategy (DART 2020). With this measure, important steps with regard to treatment associated infections and antibiotic resistance were initiated. What strategies and measures are planned or already initiated in Austria? We asked the Austrian Minister of Health, Dr. Sabine Oberhauser. If antibiotics don´t […]

Montgomery: Further measures must follow!

Around 25.000 people die every year from antibiotic-resistant infections in the European Union. A recent study, launched by the British government, concluded that without action to check antimicrobial resistance, superbugs would cause the deaths of 10 million people every year. How individual countries respond to this phenomenon, and where are still shortcomings? In this article […]

More primary health care centres could reduce infections

The head of the regional health insurance company “Wiener Gebietskrankenkasse” (WGKK), Ingrid Reischl, recently requested more primary health care centres (currently exists only one), which should relieve hospitals. One of the many advantages of the centres would be the lower risk to get infected with dangerous germs. Mrs. Reischl, until the end of 2016 one […]

Prof. Petra Gastmeier

Antimicrobial resistance-survey: Still huge knowledge gaps!

A recently presented survey (in the context of the project RAI/Rational use of antibiotics through information and communication) reveals, that people know few about antimicrobial resistance. “The results show that the topic has arrived in the population, but there are still huge knowledge gaps”, says Prof. Petra Gastmeier, director of the Institute for Hygiene and […]

Prof. Bernhardi – an internist who swam against the stream

Hardly a figure in the literature recalls Ignaz Semmelweis so much as Prof. Bernhardi, the protagonist in the eponymous piece of the famous author and physician Arthur Schnitzler (1862-1931). A few days ago (July 5) “Professor Bernhardi” had premiere in the course of the festival in Reichenau (Lower Austria). Great minds like Theodor Billroth or […]

Rapid diagnostic tests for superbugs

Researchers of the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology develop rapid and cost-effective options for diagnosing life-threatening infectious diseases. An interview with Dr. Ivan Barisic, scientist at the AIT Health & Environment Department Vienna. With the new tests patients remain spared from unnecessary or ineffective treatments. What treatment is meant here? Could you give an example? […]

ICPIC 2015: A conference with touching moments

„The need to share knowledge and experience remains unchanged“ said ICPIC chairman Prof. Didier Pittet at the third ICPIC conference in Geneva on June 16-19. In fact, there were a lot of possibilities to share knowledge – almost 1000 attendees and over 100 speakers from 74 countries discussed all possible aspects on Prevention and Infection […]