Dr. Lloyd Czaplewski

Alternatives to antibiotics – a pipeline portfolio review

In the recently published study „Alternatives to antibiotics – a pipeline portfolio review“ (The Lancet, 12 January 2016) the scientists demonstrate the ten most promising so called „non-compound approaches“. What must be done to develop these „A2A-s“? We asked co-author Dr. Lloyd Czaplewski, Director at Chemical Biology Ventures Limited, UK. Dr. Czaplewski, the study gives […]

Can spaceflights help us learn more about AMR?

What is the impact of space flight on bacterial virulence and antibiotic susceptibility? With this subject is dealing Peter Taylor, Professor of Microbiology, University College London. Carola Timmel met him on the occasion of his visit to Vienna. Professor Taylor, in a recently published study (July/2015) you reviewed The impact of space flight on bacterial […]

Refugees: There is a lot of unjustified fear related to importation of communicable diseases!

The big migration streams are stoking fears: Do the immigrants bring dangerous infection diseases to Europe, is one of this anxieties, which are obviously greater than the real danger. We asked Dr. Santino Severoni, Coordinator Public Health and Migration from the WHO Regional Office for Europe. Refugees suffer not only from respiratory tract infections, but […]