Our profession is consulting!

Due to the amendment of the German Law on the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases this year, hospitals with more than 400 beds have to employ an own hospital hygienist. How is the situation in Austria? We asked Walter Koller, Professor emeritus for Hospital Hygiene. Prof. Koller, when researching the topic of hospital hygiene […]

Austrian Society for Infection Control (ÖGKH)

Univ.-Prof. Ojan Assadian (head of the society) about topics and activities of the ÖGKH: What are the topics ÖGKH (=ASIC, Austrian Society for Infection Control) is dealing with? The Austrian Society for Infection Control, www.oegkh.ac.at, is a scientific medical society representing healthcare workers with a professional interest in infection prevention and patient safety. Currently, the […]

MDR-TB: We have such poor medical treatment to offer that we must resort to surgery!

How effective is surgery as adjunctive therapy for multi-drug resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB)? This was the subject of a recently published study (PubMed, Jan 2016). About the importance of a combined therapy we asked co-author Dr. Dick Menzies from the Montreal Chest Institute at McGill University. The authors of the study (Fox et al.) examined data […]

We need more point-of-care diagnosis

Precise diagnosis is playing an important role in the fight against healthcare associated infections (HAI) and antimicrobial resistance (AMR), but often takes a long time: What we need is more point-of-care diagnosis, allowing that diagnostic results are provided conveniently and immediately at the healthcare facility, says Univ.-Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Woloszczuk, director and speaker of the […]

Dr. Micael Bell

AMR: Ambitious initiatives of the U.S. government

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that each year at least two million illnesses and 23.000 deaths are caused by drug-resistant bacteria in the United States. What are the main initiatives of the U.S. government to combat the phenomenon of antibiotic resistance, and what are the next steps for 2016? We asked […]