We are new in this field – but have decided to work more in this area

First steps towards a better hygiene- and surveillance system but: Still great challenges in Iranian hospitals regarding healthcare associated infections (HAI) and antimicrobial resistance (AMR). An exclusive insight in Iranian hospital hygiene conditions gave us Prof. Mehrdad Askarian, international hygiene expert at the university of Medical Sciences in Shiraz. The implementation of a good hygiene- […]

Transparency of infection numbers cannot be considered as completely harmless

Transparency of infection numbers: Would cause a certain positive pressure but could foster defensive medicine. With Dr. Agnes Wechsler-Fördös from the antibiotics and infection control unit of the hospital Rudolfstiftung Vienna, spoke Carola Timmel. In connection with Infection Control and Antibiotic Stewardship the call for greater transparency can be heard again and again. Only few […]

Wash your hands or stop transmission – which wording is more effective?

Are we are sending the wrong message when we ask health care workers to wash their hands? With Dr. Sharon L. Kurtz from the Walden University, Minneapolis, spoke Carola Timmel. Mrs. Kurtz, there will be soon be published an article of you in the American Journal of Infection Control with the very interesting question if […]

Portrait of Dr. Bernhard Küenburg lecturing

CEE – a region with considerable backlog

A symposium on the occasion of the international day of hand hygiene took place on May, 2nd in the festival room of the Austrian Ministry of health. Among the speakers was the president of the Semmelweis Foundation, Dr. Bernhard Küenburg. Safe Surgical Care – Hand Hygiene for the prevention of postoperative wound infection: This was […]

Study shows: There is a gender difference in antibiotic prescription

Women are more likely than men to be prescribed certain types of antibiotics: This has showed a study led by experts at Tübingen University hospital (April, 4th, Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy). We asked study co-author Evelina Tacconelli, Professor of Infectious Diseases at University Hospital Tübingen. A gender inequality of antibiotic prescription is evident: Women are […]