New study demonstrates interactions between the microbiota and pathogenic bacteria in the gut

A recently (7 July) in Nature published study demonstrates: The microbiome plays an important role in human health. Changes in the microbiota can confer resistance to or promote infection by pathogenic bacteria. With Prof. Andreas Bäumler from the Department of Medical Microbiology and Immunology, from the University of California spoke Carola Timmel. Prof. Bäumler, the […]

Nanosilver facilitates the formation of resistant germs!

The use of nanosilver in consumer products is increasing. Most applications claim to have hygienic or disinfecting properties on skin, hair, surfaces, equipment and water. But these nanoparticles are not harmless. They facilitate the formation of resistant germs. Assoc. Prof. Hans-Peter Hutter from the Institute of Environmental Health, Medical University Vienna was interviewed by Carola […]

Study: Antibiotic treatment of respiratory tract infections (RTIs) offers negligible benefit to affected patients!

Reducing antibiotic prescribing for respiratory tract infections is not linked to an increase in the most serious bacterial complications, such as bacterial meningitis. This has found out a recently in the BMJ published study. We asked study-leader Dr. Martin Gulliford, professor of public health at the King’s College in London. About 60 percent of antibiotics […]

Patients are expecting care and treatment, not additional illness and complications!

Compared to Western Europe, HAI rates in the CEE countries are high. Not only the hospitals, but primarily the national hygiene associations are faced with numerous challenges. With Prof. Rossitza Vatcheva-Dobrevska, President of the Bulgarian Association for Prevention and Infection Control BulNoso spoke Carola Timmel. Prof. Vatcheva-Dobrevska, healthcare associated infections in the CEE countries are […]