Portrait of Dr. Bernhard Küenburg lecturing

CEE – a region with considerable backlog

A symposium on the occasion of the international day of hand hygiene took place on May, 2nd in the festival room of the Austrian Ministry of health. Among the speakers was the president of the Semmelweis Foundation, Dr. Bernhard Küenburg. Safe Surgical Care – Hand Hygiene for the prevention of postoperative wound infection: This was […]

Study shows: There is a gender difference in antibiotic prescription

Women are more likely than men to be prescribed certain types of antibiotics: This has showed a study led by experts at Tübingen University hospital (April, 4th, Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy). We asked study co-author Evelina Tacconelli, Professor of Infectious Diseases at University Hospital Tübingen. A gender inequality of antibiotic prescription is evident: Women are […]

Most hospitals are insufficiently equipped and therefore unable to help themselves in urgent cases.

Two babies died in an hospital in Linz (Upper Austria) after an outbreak of the dangerous acinetobacter germ in December 2015. Braincon Technologies was called for help. Within some hours all affected rooms were decontaminated to prevent further infections. Braincon chef Davul Ljuhar criticises that the most hospitals are insufficiently equipped and therefore unable to […]

Scottish Reduction in Antimicrobial Prescribing

Scotland has taken a significant leadership role in antibiotic stewardship education. One of the main initiatives is ScRAP, an ecucational toolkit, which helps to reduce unnecessary prescribing of antibiotics. We asked Prof. Dilip Nathwani, chairman of the Scottish Antimicrobial Prescribing Group (SAPG) and Honorary Professor of Infection in Dundee.  Mr. Nathwani, the ScRAP Programme, which […]

Semmelweis: The man behind the myth

At the 16th Congress of the International Federation of Infection Control (March, 16-19, Vienna), Prof. Manfred Rotter,  former head of the Clinical institute of Hygiene and Medical Microbiology at the Medical University in Vienna, will held a keynote lecture about the man behind the myth Semmelweis. With Prof. Rotter spoke Carola Timmel. Prof. Rotter, you […]

Ways to create commitment and understanding are far more convincing than accusations.

“I believe communication (topic of the 2nd CEE Semmelweis Conference in March 2017) is one of the key-factors factors in fighting HAI”, says Prof. Andreas Voss. With the consultant microbiologist at the Canisius-Wilhelmina Hospital and professor of infection control at the Radboud university medical center spoke Carola Timmel  Prof. Voss, hearing your name I do immediately […]

One Health approach: The Netherlands brings together ministers of health and agriculture

“Cooperation between the sectors is crucial – Let us move from words to deeds“, was Minister Schipper´s appeal at the ministerial Dutch EU Presidency conference on February, 10th in Amsterdam. For the first time in the history of the European Union, The Netherlands brought together ministers of health and ministers of agriculture to discuss the […]

Our profession is consulting!

Due to the amendment of the German Law on the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases this year, hospitals with more than 400 beds have to employ an own hospital hygienist. How is the situation in Austria? We asked Walter Koller, Professor emeritus for Hospital Hygiene. Prof. Koller, when researching the topic of hospital hygiene […]

Austrian Society for Infection Control (ÖGKH)

Univ.-Prof. Ojan Assadian (head of the society) about topics and activities of the ÖGKH: What are the topics ÖGKH (=ASIC, Austrian Society for Infection Control) is dealing with? The Austrian Society for Infection Control, www.oegkh.ac.at, is a scientific medical society representing healthcare workers with a professional interest in infection prevention and patient safety. Currently, the […]

MDR-TB: We have such poor medical treatment to offer that we must resort to surgery!

How effective is surgery as adjunctive therapy for multi-drug resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB)? This was the subject of a recently published study (PubMed, Jan 2016). About the importance of a combined therapy we asked co-author Dr. Dick Menzies from the Montreal Chest Institute at McGill University. The authors of the study (Fox et al.) examined data […]