Which came first – the antibiotic or the resistance? How infection control and MRSA are related

What challenges do we have to face in relation to MRSA? We asked one of the most profound experts in this field, Dr. Fred Tenover, Vice President for Scientific Affairs at Cepheid and Consulting Professor at the University of Stanford. His most important message in this context: infection control works! Mr. Tenover, your publication on […]

Participants at the 2nd CEE Conference on hospital Hygiene and Patient Safety in 2017 on stage

Interdisciplinarity as a Key for Successful Infection Control and Antibiotic Stewardship

Interdisciplinarity is the key for successful infection control and antibiotic stewardship in hospitals. The Semmelweis Foundation met with Dr. Agnes Wechsler-Fördös and Prof. Ojan Assadian, two experts in this field in Austria, to discuss its importance. Despite her retirement in 2018, Dr. Agnes Wechsler-Fördös continues to be highly active. The reason is simple, says the […]

Dr. Sebastian Schulz-Stübner

KRINKO: The new recommendations can easily be summarized as “form follows function”

The revision of the recommendations for SSI-prevention is one of the most important patient safety recommendations released in 2018. What are the major novelties? We asked Dr. Sebastian Schulz-Stübner, Chief Physician at the German Consulting Centre for Hospital Epidemiology and Infection Control and Consultant in Hospital Epidemiology and Infection Control. The KRINKO-recommendation for the prevention […]

ASH on Tour

ASH (Initiative clean hands) on tour

Wonderful initiative in Germany, initiated by Aktion “Saubere Hände” (clean hands): Only until October 30, a bus is touring through the country (ASH on tour), with the aim to create awareness for the important issue of “hand hygiene”. Today it stops in Freiburg – place of the Infectiology- and Hygiene Congress (October 10-12), initiated by […]

Semmelweis Symposium Save the Date

We hope to see you at the symposium – June 21, Vienna

On Thursday, 21st of June we will celebrate the 200th birthday of Ignaz Semmelweis – an event initiated by the Semmelweis Foundation and organised together with the Medicine University Vienna and the General Hospital Vienna. We would like to take this opportunity to present the symposium-program to you! At 13 p.m. Markus Müller and Agoston […]

Communication is the key of disseminating the WHO guidelines

Surgical site infections threaten the lives of millions of patients each year. How the WHO guidelines for the prevention of surgical site infections can help to reduce this infections, and which role plays hand hygiene/ resp. communication in this context? We asked Mohamed Abbas (University of Geneva Hospitals, Senior Research Associate in the Infection Control […]

Anette Dräger and Eduard Babiychuk

Alternative zu Antibiotika entdeckt

Ohne Einsatz von Antibiotika bakterielle Infektionen behandeln? Dies schien bislang unmöglich zu sein. Ein internationales Forscherteam unter Berner Leitung hat eine Substanz entwickelt, mit der Infektionen nicht nur behandelbar sind, sondern auch Antibiotika-Resistenzen vermieden werden können. Eine damit zusammenhängende Studie wurde von der Zeitschrift „Nature Biotechnology“ Anfang November publiziert. Ein internationales Forscherteam unter der Leitung […]

Aids-Konferenz: ernüchternde Bilanz und Kürzung von Projektmitteln

Noch immer trifft Aids mehrheitlich die Ärmsten der Armen. Die finanziellen Mitteln, die Projekte zur Bekämpfung von Aids ermöglichen, werden immer knapper – so auch in Österreich, bedauert Annelies Vilim, Geschäftsführerin des Dachverbandes Globale Verantwortung. Auch 30 Jahre nach der Entdeckung des HI-Virus ist die Ausheilung einer Infektion nicht in Sicht. Dies werde noch etliche Jahre […]