Transparency of infection numbers cannot be considered as completely harmless

Transparency of infection numbers: Would cause a certain positive pressure but could foster defensive medicine. With Dr. Agnes Wechsler-Fördös from the antibiotics and infection control unit of the hospital Rudolfstiftung Vienna, spoke Carola Timmel. In connection with Infection Control and Antibiotic Stewardship the call for greater transparency can be heard again and again. Only few […]

Wash your hands or stop transmission – which wording is more effective?

Are we are sending the wrong message when we ask health care workers to wash their hands? With Dr. Sharon L. Kurtz from the Walden University, Minneapolis, spoke Carola Timmel. Mrs. Kurtz, there will be soon be published an article of you in the American Journal of Infection Control with the very interesting question if […]

Portrait of Dr. Bernhard Küenburg lecturing

CEE – a region with considerable backlog

A symposium on the occasion of the international day of hand hygiene took place on May, 2nd in the festival room of the Austrian Ministry of health. Among the speakers was the president of the Semmelweis Foundation, Dr. Bernhard Küenburg. Safe Surgical Care – Hand Hygiene for the prevention of postoperative wound infection: This was […]

Semmelweis: The man behind the myth

At the 16th Congress of the International Federation of Infection Control (March, 16-19, Vienna), Prof. Manfred Rotter,  former head of the Clinical institute of Hygiene and Medical Microbiology at the Medical University in Vienna, will held a keynote lecture about the man behind the myth Semmelweis. With Prof. Rotter spoke Carola Timmel. Prof. Rotter, you […]

Ways to create commitment and understanding are far more convincing than accusations.

“I believe communication (topic of the 2nd CEE Semmelweis Conference in March 2017) is one of the key-factors factors in fighting HAI”, says Prof. Andreas Voss. With the consultant microbiologist at the Canisius-Wilhelmina Hospital and professor of infection control at the Radboud university medical center spoke Carola Timmel  Prof. Voss, hearing your name I do immediately […]

Even the best hospitals around the world fall considerably short in their efforts to protect antibiotic effectiveness for patients

A recently in The Lancet Infectious Diseases published study estimates the potential impact of antibiotic resistance on common surgery and cancer procedures. The surgery is painting a grim picture. With Ramanan Laxminarayan, co-author oft he study and director of the Center for Disease Dynamics, Economics & Policy (CDDEP) spoke Carola Timmel. The declining effectiveness of […]

Hand hygiene on the Vienna central station

Only a few weeks old – but working very professionally: We are talking about the initiative train of hope, helping since summer 2015 on the Vienna central station – one of the most important places in Austria in terms of the current refugee support. In all the hustle (cooking meals etc.) great importance is also […]

Congratulations from Didier Pittet to the actual Hand Hygiene Excellence Award winner

Dr. Michael Borg´s team from the Mater Dei Hospital in Malta has just been given the Hand Hygiene Excellence Award 2015 by the University of Geneva Hospitals WHO Collaborating Centre on Patient Safety. The infection control unit-team slashed a superbug problem through strict hygiene campaign. The background oft he success-story in short: because of extensive […]

It´s okay to ask?

Can we all get even better in our Hand Hygiene Compliance? This was the title of an investigation, presented on May, 5 on the occasion of the National Infection Conference in Malta. With Noel Abela, MSc Infection Control and Public Health from the Mater Dei Hospital in Malta  spoke Carola Timmel. Mr. Abela, one week ago […]

Message from Professor Didier Pittet, supporter of the Semmelweis Foundation, on the occation of May, 5 (hand hygiene day)

Dear friends, dear colleagues, dear participants to the Semmelweis conference last March in Vienna, The world Health Organization (WHO) Hand Hygiene day on the 5th of May is approaching. However, this year is different. 2015 is the 10th anniversary of the WHO Clean Care is Safe Care program and we would like you to help […]