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Ramona Marincaș

I’ve been working as a nurse since 1987 and over the last 15 years my focus was on infection prevention practices in order to improve the delivery of safe patient care at Zalau Emergency Hospital and most recently at Satu Mare Emergency Hospital.

My work was inspired by the specialists from England who supported on a volunteer basis Zalau Hospital through Medical Support in Romania Foundation (MSR).  I coordinated the biggest project of MSR – the first Central Sterile Department in Romania and Zalau Hospital became the first hospital in Romania which provided individual surgical sets for each patient.  I was director of nursing for 7 years and all that time I worked closely with specialist healthcare professionals from England to implement the best practices for infection prevention at Zalau Hospital.  I organized 9th edition of National Sterilizare Conference to disseminate at the national level the information and experience gained from the collaboration with English specialists.

I am member of Infection Prevention Society in England (IPS) and active member of International Engagement Committee of IPS.

As the result of my work in 2017 I received two  awards, one International Award as Practitioner of the year from IPS and one National Award COPAC for “Nurse involved ” by the Coalition of Organizations Patients with Chronic Diseases in Romania.

In 2019 I became vice-president of the newest Association for Prevention and Control of Infection in Romania APCI.