ICPIC 2015: A conference with touching moments

„The need to share knowledge and experience remains unchanged“ said ICPIC chairman Prof. Didier Pittet at the third ICPIC conference in Geneva on June 16-19. In fact, there were a lot of possibilities to share knowledge – almost 1000 attendees and over 100 speakers from 74 countries discussed all possible aspects on Prevention and Infection […]

Why are 162 deaths less interesting than 2.400 deaths?

162 deaths between 1 January and 31 May 2015 – this was communicating the Federal Ministry of the Interior today (1 June) via Austria Press Agency (APA). Without a doubt: 162 deaths are too much. But why nobody is shocked by the 2.400 people who die each year in Austria due to nosocomial infections? Like […]

Hospital infections are costly for hospitals and economies!

Nosocomial infections prolong hospitalization and require more diagnostic and treatment expenses. The systematic implementation of proven prevention measures should get more attention, so the tenor of an event organised by the „Initiative für mehr Sicherheit im OP“ and the „Plattform Patientensicherheit“ in Vienna at the end of May. British data show that the duration of […]

Congratulations from Didier Pittet to the actual Hand Hygiene Excellence Award winner

Dr. Michael Borg´s team from the Mater Dei Hospital in Malta has just been given the Hand Hygiene Excellence Award 2015 by the University of Geneva Hospitals WHO Collaborating Centre on Patient Safety. The infection control unit-team slashed a superbug problem through strict hygiene campaign. The background oft he success-story in short: because of extensive […]

Researchers have traced the ways of MRSA-germs in real time

Hospital germs endanger patients. To understand their distribution and prevent a spreading in the future, French researchers have traced the ways of MRSA-germs in real time. With wireless sensors they recorded all personal contacts. Conclusion of the recently published study (Plos Computational Biology): Contact networks inform on the risk of transmission and thus warrant a […]

Hermann Gröhe

10-point plan: German health minister has declared war on nosocomial infections

In Germany each year about 10.000 to 15.000 people die because of nosocomial infections. With a 10-point programme the German Federal Minister of Health, Hermann Gröhe, wants to reduce this number dramatically. At the top of the priority list is the mandatory reporting of nosocomial infections. The ÖGKH (Austrian Society for Hospital Hygiene) welcomes the […]

Conclusio of the first Semmelweis CEE Conference on Hospital Hygiene and Patient Safety: There is much to do!

“We learn more from non success-stories”, said Pamela Rendi-Wagner (Austrian Ministry of Health) in view of the failures in terms of hospital hygiene during the last decades. This statement was one of many important statements and ideas expressed on the first Semmelweis CEE Conference on Hospital Hygiene and Patient Safety (3rd and 4th March) in […]

Maureen Spencer: Recent studies show that SSIs have huge impact for patients and public health.

Approximately 4.1 million people fall sick each year in Europe with infections they acquire in hospital. The proportion of surgery-related wound infections (surgical site infections, SSI) makes with 17 percent a considerable part. Dr. Maureen Spencer, one of the pioneers in the field „Infection Control” tells about important measures to reduce SSIs. (in german: Etwa […]