Hand hygiene compliance is the key in neonatology units: General Hospital Vienna relies on modern technology for performance feedback

On a global scale, infections are the third leading cause of neonatal mortality. Therefore, a focus on careful hand hygiene practice plays a valuable part in infection prevention strategy, especially at the newborn ward. In the neonatology unit of the General Hospital Vienna/Medical University Vienna, an evidence-based, AI-enhanced quality assurance system provides immediate visual feedback […]

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

In times of COVID-19 (corona virus), the hand hygiene required by the Semmelweis Foundation is even more crucial. The most important and effective preventive measure is a good and correct hand hygiene. In addition, correct coughing (in the crook of the arm, not in the hand) is helpful to prevent an infection. Since the endangered […]

Staying up-to-date with the L&R Academy: How HCPs benefit from the L&R partner program

Healthcare professionals must always be up to date – also with regard to products and devices that are constantly renewed and updated for a better patient outcome or user comfort. Wound care is one of the most complex and most sensitive topics, as wounds might fail to heal or reoccur when the underlying disease is […]

Hospitals in most CEE countries have a huge budget pressure

In view of increasing nosocomial infections and costs for the national economies, infection prevention is becoming more important. What are the challenges to perform a good disinfection management? We asked Dr. Heide Niesalla, Head of BODE SCIENCE CENTER, founded in 2011 by The HARTMANN GROUP – one of the leading European providers of medical and […]

Zsolt Vegh

As Hungarians, we are very proud of Semmelweis Ignác – the importance of his work is always a part of our communication

Hand Hygiene is one of the most important subjects of Ecolab. We asked Zsolt Végh, Marketing associate healthcare CEE, about new products, Semmelweis and the CEE region. Mr. Végh, in the field of infection prevention Ecolab has a focus on hand hygiene. A big issue in this regard is the acceptance of healthcare workers: How […]

HAI in CEE Countries – there is much to do

The problem of HAI and AMR is a hot topic in the CEE region, says Veronika Kovalová, International Product Manager at Biomedica. Mrs. Kovalová, you are traveling a lot in the CEE countries – what are the specific challenges in this region? What I want to emphasize, is the fact that the problem of HAI […]

Most hospitals are insufficiently equipped and therefore unable to help themselves in urgent cases.

Two babies died in an hospital in Linz (Upper Austria) after an outbreak of the dangerous acinetobacter germ in December 2015. Braincon Technologies was called for help. Within some hours all affected rooms were decontaminated to prevent further infections. Braincon chef Davul Ljuhar criticises that the most hospitals are insufficiently equipped and therefore unable to […]

We need more point-of-care diagnosis

Precise diagnosis is playing an important role in the fight against healthcare associated infections (HAI) and antimicrobial resistance (AMR), but often takes a long time: What we need is more point-of-care diagnosis, allowing that diagnostic results are provided conveniently and immediately at the healthcare facility, says Univ.-Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Woloszczuk, director and speaker of the […]