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Staying up-to-date with the L&R Academy: How HCPs benefit from the L&R partner program

Christopher Bollauf
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Healthcare professionals must always be up to date – also with regard to products and devices that are constantly renewed and updated for a better patient outcome or user comfort. Wound care is one of the most complex and most sensitive topics, as wounds might fail to heal or reoccur when the underlying disease is not treated properly or a microbial biofilm might have formed in the wound, which prevents it from closing and healing. Therefore, it does make sense that appropriate trainings are carried out by experienced trainers, and by companies who already cooperate with the respective healthcare institution. The partner programs of the Lohmann & Rauscher Academy are a good example of how this substantial investment in knowledge transfer can work quite well.

“Certainly, Lohmann & Rauscher (L&R) is primarily a leading medical device manufacturer, but we think of ourselves also as a service partner providing solutions for the daily challenges of healthcare staff“, states Christopher Bollauf, Head of Marketing at Lohmann & Rauscher Austria. In this context, the partner programs (educational and training programs) of the L&R Academy play an important role.

“Currently, our Suprasorb CNP workshops, focusing on negative pressure wound therapy are in great demand, most likely due to the recent launch of our new innovative CNP P3 therapy system“, says Bollauf. In these workshops healthcare staff learns how the reduction of pressure and simultaneous aspiration of body fluids in the negative pressure therapy shrinks the wound edges, stabilizes the wound environment and stimulates the formation of granulation tissue significantly faster than with conventional dressings.

Helping to prevent infections in the pre-, intra- and postoperative phase of a surgery, is another goal of the L&R product range. Unfortunately, surgical site infections (SSI) are currently the second most common cause of hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) in Europe. With effective measures in the pre-, intra- and postoperative phase, patients can be better protected from SSI, e.g. by HCPs using the right surgical scrubs and disposable draping materials. “In this context, we offer a special educational program for nurses, which we combine with an exclusive excursion to our production facility in Slavkov u Brna (Czech Republic).”

The Suprasorb CNP-Workshops usually take place at the L&R training centers. “For example, this upcoming fall we will launch a concept for homecare professionals working in mobile care. It’s about combining our core competencies – wound care, ompression therapy, hygiene & negative pressure wound therapy – with daily life issues HCPs have to deal with, e.g. stress management and patient communication. This is a new practice-oriented concept of customized trainings for individual needs that fills a gap, as no one is offering such a training this way”, clarifies Bollauf. “It all started with the idea that people can work better if the communication works well and the co-workers learn to handle stress.” Target groups of this homecare concept are for example mobile healthcare organizations like Hilfswerk, Caritas, Volkshilfe and Fonds Soziales Wien.

Workshops at the L&R Academy include findings from latest scientific studies. Only recently, an independent study in the field of surface disinfection (The quality and testing of ready-to-use disinfection wipes), initiated by Lohmann & Rauscher, was published in the prestigious Hygiene Magazine Hyg Med.

An important publication, because ready-to-use disinfection wipes are becoming increasingly important in health care”, knows Bollauf.




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