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ASH (Initiative clean hands) on tour

ASH on Tour
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Wonderful initiative in Germany, initiated by Aktion “Saubere Hände” (clean hands): Only until October 30, a bus is touring through the country (ASH on tour), with the aim to create awareness for the important issue of “hand hygiene”. Today it stops in Freiburg – place of the Infectiology- and Hygiene Congress (October 10-12), initiated by the German consulting centre for hygiene, BHZ. The ASH on tour initiative is supported by many hospitals and engaged physicians. Among others, an interesting interview with Dr. Svenja Diefenbacher (researcher of the department of social psychology, University Ulm) attracted my attention: She says that so far, the improvement of hand hygiene compliance focused on knowledge transfer. Currently, empathy is becoming increasingly important. The scientists assume that empathetic employees see the consequences of bad hand hygiene and act accordingly. These findings are undoubtedly important, but at last only the interaction of empathy and knowledge can be successful. Much can still be done in the field of knowledge transfer …!

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