Ebola outbreak – where are we one year later?

The Ebola outbreak in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, is a year old this days. According to the official counts there are infected 25.000 people and 10.000 are killed. What were the failures and what are the challenges in dealing with this disease? With Prof. Didier Pittet from the WHO Collaborating Centre on Patient Safety spoke […]

Mers-CoV: WHO published new Global Alert!

Exactly three years after the first case of MERS-CoV (April 2012) the WHO is informing about the recent developments concerning the disease. Until now there has been notified 1075 cases (including at least 404 deaths) worldwide. “In order to interrupt the chain of infection, we have to focus on the transmission of MERS-CoV from dromedary […]

Tuberculosis: Old lady in new outfit!

In Europe tuberculosis is causing deaths of nearly 38.000 people each year. 85 percent oft the new cases occur in 18 high-risk countries such as Ukraine, Bulgaria or Moldova. The fight against Mycobacterium tuberculosis is difficult because oft he rising number of multi-drug resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB), says Vera Katalinic-Jankovic from the Croatian National Institute of […]

MRSA-study: bacteria are nesting in households

A recent study of MRSA shows an interesting picture: Easily transmissible bacteria remain for years and continue to develop. Carola Timmel spoke with the head of the study, Prof. Michael David from the University of Chicago Biological Sciences. (short summary in german: MRSA Erreger nisten sich in Haushalten ein: Eine kürzlich veröffentlichte Studie über MRSA […]