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„ HAI market“ – a really worrying terminology

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It is expected that the Global Hospital-acquired Infections Market will advance with higher growth rate in the coming years as compared to previous years (CAGR of 7,3% till 2022). This is in brief the conclusion of a recently published research report. Honestly, the term HAI Marked leaves a bitter aftertaste. It demonstrates the interests and appetites of the multinationals.
Another alarming term is being utilized in this context – “HAI market’s driving factor”. Also this term is making me suspicious: Are patient susceptibility such as immunity or presence of other diseases the HAI market’s driving factors? And possibly things such as infected materials, antimicrobial resistance, lack of hand hygiene, poor training and infection control practices are also HAI market’s driving factors?  I would say – all those things are deplorable circumstances against which actions have to be taken. Speaking about markets in this context is, in my opinion, quite inappropriate. It pertains to human lives and not to household articles or cars.

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