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Infection prevention society: Its #One-IPS initiative and 10th birthday

Portrait of Dr. Neil Wigglesworth
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In some weeks the infection prevention society (IPS) is celebrating its 10th birthday (June). On the occasion of this anniversary we already beforehand interviewed president Dr. Neil Wigglesworth regarding the society and the #One-IPS initiative.

Mr. Wigglesworth, could you describe the #One-IPS initiative?
#One_IPS is intended to emphasise the enormous value of networking and sharing as IPC specialists. IPS membership helps members to communicate and help each other. All IPS members share a common vision to protect people from avoidable infection, whether they work in acute or community settings and wherever they are based, in the UK, Ireland and around the world.

Which quality improvement tools have been devised, and how the continuous process of tool-Improvement is looking like?
We have produced quality improvement tools for a range of care settings and practices. We have tools for in and out-patient (ambulatory) settings as well as specialised settings such as endoscopy and mental health care. We are currently revising a range of tools to support clinical practice, such as managing intravenous devices and these will be published by April of this year.  The tools are being revised on a rolling programme and as significant new evidence or guidance emerges.

As the IPS becomes 10 years old in June this year – will the Infection Prevention 2017 conference in September be a special event?
We will be celebrating 10 years as IPS and the conference this year will be an even more special occasion than usual. We have a number of previous IPS presidents speaking, including Julie Storr, currently a consultant to WHO, who will be giving the prestigious E.M. Cottrell Lecture, named after the first Infection Control Nurse in the UK in 1959.

Why it is important to be in touch with/ resp. to be a member of IPS?
IPS membership offers members so many opportunities for professional development; including local, national and international networks, support and advice. Members also benefit from Educational events and tools to support their practice and the influence of the society on national guidance and policy. Specialist groups within the society support special interests such as mental health or ambulance settings as well as intravenous therapy and surveillance. Members can apply for research grants and, from this year, education grants too, as well as free places at out educational events.

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