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Semmelweis and RED NOSES Cooperation

Rote Nasen
Rote Nasen © Lucia-Reinsprecht
For this year's World Hand Hygiene Day, we were particularly pleased to cooperate with the Red Noses Clowndoctors, who spread our message in a humorous way in hospitals.

Semmelweis & RED NOESES Cooperation

This year the International Day of Hand Hygiene, on May 5th was a very special one for the Semmelweis Foundation. Together with the RED NOSES Clowndoctors, we worked for months to prepare a campaign that really made our hearts melt:

With a song composed especially for this occasion in their luggage, the popular humor experts from RED NOSES visited numerous hospitals throughout Austria to draw attention to the importance of proper hand disinfection.

A catchy tune for hand disinfection

Especially in the pandemic period – but also beyond – alcohol-based hand disinfection is an essential and effective measure for the protection of all, not only for hospital staff but also for visitors. In order to make the walk to the disinfectant dispenser and the correct technique as easy to remember – as a catchy tune – that recurs intuitively, the RED NOSES Clowndoctors gave a vivid vocal instruction for correctly executed hand hygiene with the song “Better, better hand hygiene” and accompanying performance.

Curious if you can’t get it out of your head as well? Listen here and see for yourself:

From Carinthia to Vienna

From the LKH Villach to the St. Josef Spital in Vienna, the professionals in “humorous health intervention” knew exactly how to reach their audience individually and created unforgettable moments. See for yourself in our gallery!  

Hands and humor: the perfect match!

Ivana Bacanovic, Managing Director of RED NOSES Clowndoctors explained why she didn’t even think twice when she was asked by the Semmelweis Foundation: “The well-being and health of the people we visit always have top priority for RED NOSES. Therefore, it is a matter of course to support the Semmelweis Foundation in its efforts around the topic of hospital hygiene. Thoroughly disinfecting one’s hands and only then going to the hospital is a constant routine for our clowns and staff. We are happy to do our part to remind everyone in the hospital environment of the need for proper hand hygiene. We firmly believe that a positive, fun experience is the best teacher and shows people how easily, and perhaps intuitively later, they can save lives that way themselves.”

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