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We have to go to zero, zero point zero zero… !

Picture of Bernhard Küenburg and Didier Pittet waving hands at the CEE Conference
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Do you have an idea, who is the author of this phrase? Exactly! It’s none other than our name giver Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis (quoted by Didier Pittet). The President of the Semmelweis Foundation, Dr. Bernhard Küenburg has collected some really catchy quotations and statements from two days of exciting lectures and discussions at the Conference ….

  • HAI are the silent killers
  • We don’t calculate the cost of Non-Acting (Kadenbach)
  • Improve awareness, improve publicity
  • Provide decision makers with data and information (Suetens)
  • Surveillance network is a tool for prevention (Gastmeier)
  • In 2050 around 10 mio people per year will die from HAI, it will be the death cause nr. 1 (Rafila)
  • Improve cooperation between public health care experts and hospital health care workers
  • Hospitals are still afraid of showing their data in the public
  • Gloves do not replace hand hygiene (Marianne Mc Guggin)
  • When watched, 75% of the people disinfect their hands, when not watched, only 5% of people disinfect their hands
  • Put some eyes on every wallpaper that look at you – it in creases compliance (Voss)
  • First compare with yourself
  • First save lives, then save money (Rafila)
  • Put Hippocratic vow over economic considerations (Szel)
  • Action and intervention n are necessary on all levels
  • It is time to speed up (Strauss)
  • Adapt to adopt, adopt to adapt (Pittet)
  • We have to go to zero, zero point zero zero… (Semmelweis)
  • Neo Kiss, ICU Kiss, Hand Kiss, whatsoever Kiss
  • Infection control experts are not good at AMR (Gastmeier)
  • Surveillance/Evaluation- Analyses and Intervention – with the patient in the focus (Gastmeier)
  • Take the task (Diagnostics) to the patients bedside, because we need the data there (Tenover)
  • Sop shaking hand sin hospitals, use the fist bump – and people will talk about you (Voss)
  • People want to be part of the majority, think of this before you communicate (behavioural scince, Voss)
  • In the past we have acted too passively
  • Asking questions is the key to science. Semmelweis was critisized at school for asking too many questions.
  • Let data be at the heart of learning
  • Keep calm and thin outside of the box
  • We have to regthink our daily work in the hospital
  • We need many Semmelweis in all countries
  • We are 99% bacteria, we have to respect that.
  • To disturb the communication of bacteria could be an alternative to antibiotics (Singeozan)
  • The number of resistant microbes is too scary (Tomic)
  • Twitter is the first social network platform for health care professionals (Borozovsksy)
  • Twitter givers a power to communicate and inform all over the globe. Lets use it! (Pittet)
  • Clean hands have never been considered a evidence based profession, though it should be (Kirenan)
  • Be passionate, be persuasive (Mc Guggin)
  • The cheapest patient is the dead patient
  • The worst thing for a doctor is to loose his/her patient, especially when all procedures were correctly followed.
  • Make people understand, why they do something, especially when they have to clean their hands
  • Make group of supporters bigger
  • We are now much better than 30 years ago, but we have to continue
  • Compare cost and savings
  • Evidence and data are there, why don’t we use them and act
  • Break silos
  • It takes, power, time and leadership to start a program or activity
  • I am grown up that the boss is the boss, but we are going to change that now (Moldowan)
  • It is about empathy, lets listen more and feel more
  • Learn from bacteria: adapt!
  • Just do it

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