Semmelweis Talk 2023

Our first Semmelweis Talk 2023!

Semmelweis Talk on 25th April 2023 at 3 pm

We were excited to host our Semmelweis Talk on April 25th featuring Mag.(FH) Ivana Bacanovic, Managing Director of RED NOSES Austria, as our guest speaker.

Bacanovic shared her expertise on the importance of humor in health institutions, drawing on her experiences with RED NOSES and their mission to spread laughter and joy to people in need. The talk delved into the significance of hygiene in healthcare facilities and hardship settings such as refugee camps and limited resource settings in Africa. Additionally, attendees heard about the exciting events that took place during the International Day for Hand Hygiene in Austria in 2022 as well as an outlook for our campaign this year. It was an informative and engaging event, and we hope that those who attended enjoyed it.

In case you missed the talk, we would like to inform you that it will be available on YouTube in the next couple of days to rewatch.

Thank you for joining the Semmelweis Talk! The date for the next Semmelweis Talk will be announced soon.