Montgomery: Further measures must follow!

Around 25.000 people die every year from antibiotic-resistant infections in the European Union. A recent study, launched by the British government, concluded that without action to check antimicrobial resistance, superbugs would cause the deaths of 10 million people every year. How individual countries respond to this phenomenon, and where are still shortcomings? In this article […]

Prof. Petra Gastmeier

Antimicrobial resistance-survey: Still huge knowledge gaps!

A recently presented survey (in the context of the project RAI/Rational use of antibiotics through information and communication) reveals, that people know few about antimicrobial resistance. “The results show that the topic has arrived in the population, but there are still huge knowledge gaps”, says Prof. Petra Gastmeier, director of the Institute for Hygiene and […]

Prof. Willem van Scheik

“We study the reservoir of antibiotic resistance genes that is harbored by the gut microbiota”

To increase our collective understanding of the evolution and spread of antibiotic resistance in human pathogens: This is the overall purpose of EvoTAR (Evolution and Transfer of Antibiotic Resistance), which will organize a International Conference (ICETAR2015) on this item in June (24-26). With Prof. Willem van Scheik (Department of Medical Microbiology, University Utrecht) spoke Carola […]

Second PPS by ECDC (2016-2017): What can we expect?

ECDC is organising a second point prevalence survey (PPS) of HAI and antimicrobial use in acute care hospitals. With Carl Suetens, Senior Expert Healthcare-associated infections at the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control spoke Carola Timmel. On May 5 you mentioned (at the symposium on the International day of Hand Hygiene in the Austrian […]

ESCMID warns: Europe may surpass one million deaths due to ineffective antibiotics by 2025

The European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Disease (ESCMID) has warned that Britain and Europe collectively could face more than a million deaths in an impending “Antibiotic Armageddon” unless more is done to develop new cures, rapid diagnostics and preventative measures. The spread of drug resistant diseases must be combatted, recently said ESCMID President […]

Markus Zeitlinger

“New Drugs 4 Bad Bugs” – Europäische Initiative gegen gramnegative Erreger soeben gestartet

Gramnegative Erreger sind eine große Gefahr – zwei Drittel aller Todesfälle aufgrund Antibiotika-resistenter Bakterien werden von multiresistenten, gramnegativen Erregern verursacht. Das belastet die europäische Wirtschaft pro Jahr mit geschätzten 1,5 Milliarden Euro. Mit dem europäischen Programm „New Drugs 4 Bad Bugs“ der Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI), welches Ende Jänner 2015 startete, will man dieser Entwicklung […]