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Dr. Chris Knight

AMR is rising rather in „lonely“ bacteria

Lonely bacteria are nearly ten times as likely to mutate to resist antibiotics as those living in dense populations – this is the topic of a recently published study in the PLOS journal. We interviewed the senior author of the study, Dr Chris Knight from the University of Manchester. It is very interesting to read […]

Prof. Céline Pulcini

Antibiotic Stewardship Teams: Two main actions are required!

Despite the importance of AS teams in optimizing the management of infections, they remain understaffed or non-existent in most countries. Two main actions are required, says Prof. Céline Pulcini (Université de Lorraine), author of a recently published Expert Commentary: First, staffing standards, based on the list of core actions that stewardship teams must implement. Second, […]

Our NICU is now a handshake-free zone – Please find other ways to greet each other

The handshake represents a deeply established social custom. Banish this custom from healthcare setting seems to be a difficult task. Despite all difficulties, Mark Sklansky dared an experiment: The handshake-free zone initiative. An Interview with the professor of pediatrics at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA … Prof. Sklansky, in 2015, you decided […]

HAI – We will work on it to make people safer and healthier!

All good things go by three – This week we are presenting the third winner of the (Semmelweis Conference) poster presentation: Agita Melbarde-Kelmere. Carola Timmel interviewed her on the subject of hygiene in Latvia and her expectations regarding ICPIC 2017. Agita, at the last CEE Semmelweis Conference you were invited by Prof. Didier Pittet (WHO) […]

Infection control on the movie screen – why films like „Aviator“ help preventing infections

“Aviator” with Leonardo Di Caprio, “Double Trouble” with Bud Spencer, or “The Rebound” with Catherine Zeta-Jones. What do this films have in common? „They include infection control scenes. „And we can profit from this movie-scenes in infection control”, says Dr. Bori Szel (Univ. Szeged, Hungary), one of the 3 poster-winners (“IC on the movie screen”) […]

Social media – their role in empowering ASPs and Hospital Hygiene

Could antibiotic stewardship programs be reinforced through social media? According to a recently published study they could be helpful to increase the knowledge of antibiotics and strengthen ASP practices. New Media are also important in the field of hospital hygiene. About this issue will talk Tcheun-How Borzykowski (WHO Collaborating Centre on Patient Safety) at the […]

Study: CRE for the first time are spreading outside of health care facilities

For the first time CRE (carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae) have been detected outside of health care facilities. We asked study author (Dec. 16th in CDC/MMW Report) Sarah Janelle from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment about backgrounds and possible effects of this phenomenon. Mrs. Janelle, how this phenomenon – that for the first time people […]

Joakim Larsson

Air samples from Beijing contain DNA that make bacteria resistant to the most powerful antibiotics we have

Researchers in Gothenburg have shown that air samples from Beijing contain DNA from genes that make bacteria resistant to the most powerful antibiotics we have. We interviewed study co-author Joakim Larsson, professor at Sahlgrenska Academy and director of the Centre for Antibiotic Resistance Research at the University of Gothenburg. Prof. Larsson, at the IMED 2016 […]

Have bacteria won?

Have bacteria won? With this question Hugh Pennington goes straight to the heart of a growing public anxiety. The author, an emeritus professor of bacteriology at the University of Aberdeen, was interviewed by Carola Timmel. Qualified optimism is the message for the future, you say in your book, published some months ago.  I like this […]

Lugdunin: Bacteria in the nose could be antibiotic factories

Researchers have discovered that bacteria from the human nose produce an antibiotic, which is effective against multiresistant pathogens. Which will be the next steps to see whether “lugdunin” really can find therapeutic application in the future? Carola Timmel asked study co-author Univ.-Prof. Dr. Andreas Peschel from the Infection Biology Department of the University of Tubingen. […]