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This year is a challenging year for everyone working in health care, all our experts are certain that we are still going to be fighting travel bans and so on until the beginning of next year. So, the Semmelweis foundation decided that we will postpone our in-person conference. The fourth CEE Conference on Hospital Hygiene and Infection Prevention will prospectivel­y b­e held in May 2022, we will confirm the date as soon as possible.

The situation we are all in has taught us a lot of new skills, one of them being able to use video conference tools. In 2021 we are going to challenge this new skill and invite everyone to an online conference.The event will take place on March 10th 2021.

The content and main focus of the digital event will be to talk about an action plan! We see a huge chance that the awareness of everyone in health care as well as in all citizens towards increased hygiene, especially in health care institutions will help us sustainably change the way this topic is talked about and acted upon.

We want to learn what mechanisms worked on the COVID19 crisis and what parts of these we can use in the much harder fight against HAI. How can we ensure that all health care workers are suitably trained and have enough time to execute all measures that are needed to increase patient safety?

In preparation for this event we welcome any input you have on this matter.

Send us your ideas, your thesis or a completed paper – we will make sure that all opinions will be heard: