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SAVE THE DATE: Join us for the second  Semmelweis Talk on the 28th  of June

 After the very successful start of our new event series, we are proud to announce the second Semmelweis Talk for you to register.

This time both winners of the Hand Hygiene Excellence Award (HHEA) 2021 will join our 2nd Talk.

Elke Schindler, Medical Director of Hospital Villach Austria and Martina Močenić, Hospital Pula Croatia will share their experience in submitting for the award. From their concept of hygiene to what made them decide to participate.

The talk will feature practical user examples, and professional know-how from Elke Schindler, Martina Močenić and also Thomas-Jörg Hennig ( B.Braun) , who is the auditor of the award and gives us an insight into the application process.

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  • June 28
  • 3 p.m. (CET)
  • for free

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Without question, times are tough since Covid-19 and now also a war has broken out in Europe. For sure, there is really not so much we can laugh about right now.

But after all, the pandemic has shown the world how important hand hygiene really is and that it is of enormous importance, especially in healthcare facilities.

So why not put a positive spin on it and give it something that we can relate to in a positive way? Like we can laugh about it? Learning is much easier being in a positive mood – Don’t you agree?

In the first Semmelweis Talk, Prof. Didier Pittet (WHO) and Monica Culen, founder of Red Noses, showed which positive effects humor can have on teaching a professional hygiene routine that nobody will ever forget.


Key data

– May 10

– 3 p.m. (CET)

– for free